1)     The Climate – its blue skies year around.   Wonderful therapy from those depressing winter skies of the north!

2)      The People – Everyone here…and I mean everyone…is nice.  Maybe they are happy to live in a nice place, or maybe the nice people factory just churned out more people in this direction…but it sure makes a difference every day to be warmly greeted wherever you go.  

3)      The Wildlife – we all have our favorites.  Mine are the Great Blue Heron and the dolphins.  I especially like when a great blue flies along above my car as I wind down a tree canopied road or when a dolphin comes over to say hello when we are on the boat.

4)      And that brings me to…boating.   Living in Michigan most of my life, boating was a short lived annual recreational activity.  The lakes were only so big and the pontoons were only so fast.  Here, boating is as much about transportation as it is recreation.  I love to be able to hope on a boat to go to dinner or to run down to Savannah’s river street.  It’s faster than driving and much prettier!

5)      The Scenery – some like the beach.   I’m in love with the marsh.  Give me a moss draped oak tree overlooking the marsh and I may never leave.

6)      Location – You live in an oasis here but you are close to many things.  We make day trips to Charleston, Savannah and Jacksonville.

7)      Rush hour – I write this with a smile.  Those that have lived here a while are a little spoiled, but those of us that know what real traffic is (metro Detroit, anyone?) sincerely appreciate a short commute, no traffic jams and never waiting more than one traffic light cycle.

8)      The History – The lowcountry is brimming with history from the many battles fought on these lands to the Gullah folk that still exist today on the island.

9)      The Bridge – there is hardly a more decompressing feeling in my life than to drive across the bridge onto Hilton Head Island.  Big exhale.  Big Smile.

10)   The Ocean -  nothing is more rejuvenating or helps me connect with life better than a walk on the beach, salt air and a gorgeous sunset.   There is no shortage of picture perfect views here!