Maybe I will..Maybe I won’t.


Growing up in Michigan, I had plenty of opportunities to experience the seasons.   Spring brought the smell of thawing snow, the new buds all around and that one magical day each year that it was warm enough to take my coat off as I walked home from school.  Summer in Michigan was full of excitement with beautiful weather, lake activities, camping and long weekends up north in a cabin.  Fall was always my favorite…the stunning colors of the changing leaves on the trees, the smell of the first fires being lit of the season and the pinnacle of each autumn…trips to the Cider Mill for fresh donuts and cold apple cider.  


I save Winter for last because, for me, it was the most dreaded season of the year.  When I was a very little girl, the snow was piled so high from the snow plows that when I would walk home from elementary school I never knew when I got to my house because I couldn’t see it over the snow.  My big brother would shovel a path from the house to the sidewalk so I would know when to turn!  When I got older, I had to learn to drive in the snow and add minutes to my mornings to let the car warm up and scrape off the windshield.   By the time I got to Michigan State, one of the biggest campuses in the united states,  and had to walk a mile to my first class at 8am in the snow…well…I had my fill.


When I moved South everyone told me I would miss the seasons.   Maybe I will….maybe I won’t, I thought.  It might be the same for you.   Let me put your mind at ease.  As it turns out, I don’t miss winter one little bit.  I don’t have to miss spring and summer because I get that all year around.  The changing of the leaves and cider mills I definitely miss but I learned a sneaky trick…just drive a few hours to the north over a weekend in October to NC and wah-lah – colors AND cider mills!


Making a move to Hilton Head Island is one you will never regret.  Life is different here.  It’s more relaxed and people are so pleasant.  It’s probably because of the weather!